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Closets doors, room dividers, security doors, see-thru partitions, and acoustical sound barriers for dividing a room. The accordion door has some great advantages over other methods of creating a door or dividing a space. Easily fits any width opening without building a wall or compromising the use of the area as a whole. The room divider partition wall design will be an interesting interior decoration thanks to the original design of the surface. You can purchase a lightweight mobile design that you can just move to the right place at any time.

space division + light. Web is an intricate design of overlapping and connecting elements providing a unique visual appearance. Web delivers perceived privacy without completely obstructing natural light in a workspace.
Essentially our Wall Mounted Room Dividers are Portable Room Dividers that are wall mounted by fixing one of their end panels to a wall with L brackets. Because they are essentially the same product they can be repurposed and moved to a different location as a portable partition if detached from the wall.
Facility Wall & Floor Considerations - important! WALLS: One-wall partitions ship with posts for each side. They are freestanding from the wall. In some cases, you can connect the wire panels directly to the wall without posts. Posts at the wall are recommended for: Dry wall, gypsum, or metal walls. These units include posts in all cases.
Modern Partition System Pvt Ltd derives immense pleasure in introducing a new series of Movable Walls under brand name "MODWAL". Modern Partition System Pvt Ltd has been in the Movable Wall business for more than three years importing "Sliwal" Brand movable walls and Executing more than 25 projects in a short span of three years.
Flex-Wall Systems, established in 1969 and originally called Foldoor Partitions, has been solely engaged in furnishing and installing Operable Walls, Moving Glass Walls, and Accordion Partitions since its inception. We offer solutions for all your space planning needs with a hands on approach, and since this is all we do, your special needs get ...
RoomDividersNow is the premier supplier of curtain room divider partitions. The sleek, heavyweight fabric is perfect for creating privacy & blocking out light!
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  • Interior partition walls are those that separate rooms within a building. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation can be used in multiple interior partition wall assemblies, both in steel or wood stud wall cavities. Its higher density and a non-directional fibre orientation, significantly reduces the passage of sound, enhancing both comfort and privacy.
  • Drape Kings helps you adjust to the needs of your events with AV Drop. Our AV Drop Modular System is a compact and fully reusable structure.
  • Interior Wall & Partitions If you’re looking for a unique interior wall application to bring beauty and interest to walls, consider one of our vertical wall or partition systems. Solid Surface
  • "Wall of Silence" Cage Divider Includes (3) 14" Grids in black or white (safe grids with 1 3/8" openings). These will overlap. 4mm 10" x 27" Coroplast Piece in your choice of 15 colors! This is cut to fit snugly across a 2-grid-wide cage. Cable ties that match the grid color for securing the new grids to the cage sides. Edging for the sides
  • We sell no construction or renovation required movable walls, portable room dividers, partitions, sliding/folding temporary walls, privacy screens, and accent walls! Versare OFFERS THE SAFEST PORTABLE PARTITIONS, WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY, LOWEST PRICE, AND FASTEST DELIVERY.

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Use this Regency 12" stainless steel wall shelf divider to keep your shelves neat and organized! This shelf divider effectively separates your wall mounted shelf into separate sections, allowing you to find exactly what you need when you need it. Its 4" height is perfect for organizing herbs and spices, dishes, and other small items, giving you a simple way to maximize your storage efficiency ... Glass Divider-1990 Hartog Dr. San Jose, Ca 95131; Phone: 408-844-8335-Fax: [email protected]
Sliding Partition Wall Sliding Doors Decorative Interior Room Divider Wall Partitions. The sliding partition wall is a high quality mobile wall system that allows you to optimize the use of space in a speed and easy way. A sliding doors interior room divider panel with two rollers can be stacked in various positions. Handmade wooden hanging installation of 3 strands mid century modern wall decor - this divider can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling -Height divider - 48, 55, 67 or 80 inches -width divider -18 inches -thickness - 4mm -included 2 concrete hooks with dowels for mounting on a wall -included 2 brass hooks with dowels for mounting on a ceiling ...

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Our sliding walls make popular room dividing solutions. We have four alternative systems of sliding walls which means you can find the perfect type for your individual space. Our patented Raydoor Guiding System hardware allows the doors to telescope across an opening without the use of floor track.